The 7th year
Untitled, from »Remember«, 1999/2007. 42 x 60 cm
»The past is never dead, it is not even past.« - William Faulkner

»REMEMBER« deals with the way humans remember, travel and explore. It consists of 12 images painted in oil on canvas.

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Remember, 2007

Benjamin Füglister acquired twelve photo-portraits which he transformed into the series Remember. They are purposely composed “friendship images” of Philippine women with their western companions, souvenirs of special moments in the lives of the portrayed couples. The pictures were sold in two’s, so that each could have their own copy. Whether the relationships documented in these photos were lasting remains an open question. In that critical seventh year after they were taken, Füglister, alluding to classical family portraits, had the images of the couples painted in oils. Mounted on Aludibond, the series Remember plays with the status of the photograph and with the alleged immortality of the captured dreams, staged by Füglister with a gracious frivolousness.

Christoph Tannert