EXPAT cover, 2011
EXPAT – the book is available through karamboo.org and at your local bookshop. The book with the ISBN 978-3-00-028111-2 contains 64 pages with interviews and portraits of western expatriates that live in the Philippines by their free will.

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EXPAT sample pages, 2011
[…] Some people live their entire lives in the town they were born in. Here they grow up, go to school, find a job, get married and raise two kids. They have never left the safe boundaries of the alcove, or perhaps they have, but traveling has never become part of their life. These people are «sitters». They do not seek adventure. Buying new curtains gives them all the excitement they need. They are unlike the
«rovers», the restless souls: the ones who cannot stay in one place, or at least not for too long. […] Every year they go to places more remote and stay for longer, until finally they don’t come home anymore. They have become expats.

EXPAT, 2009
What does it mean to be an expat? What does it mean to leave everything behind – your home, your family, your friends – and come to live in a strange country such as the Philippines? Who are these expats? What strange twist of fate brought them here? Of course, there is no single answer. There are a thousand answers. […] All of them have found their new home in the Philippines. They all know too well that there is only a thin line between being rich and successful, or waking up in a sleazy hotel in Manila, having a thin cigarette for breakfast.
[…] It is no coincidence that the author – a keen observer of human nature – has roving eyes himself and has traveled widely across all continents. Perhaps better than anyone else, he knows that traveling is not only moving from one place to another. It is also an inner journey, in search of oneself. As such, I tend to believe that this book is not about expats in the Philippines, or at least not exclusively. It is a book about people who are willing to go very far in search of happiness and peace, something which we all seek, but so few of us ever find.

Ronny Leemans, Belgian expat in Basel, Switzerland